Crown Farm

Crown Farm is primarily a cross country location on the hill tops above Burford in the picturesque Cotswolds. Several events are held throughout the year over challenging fences. Tuition and course hire are available by the hour. Hot and cold is also available.

Comments and Impression 2009

Short on time; arrived late from another event, only just caught the VWH riding club team. Unfortunately didn't have time to capture many of the other riders. On the plus side the weather was much better.

On the down side, got injured from a horse bringing down the ropes and almost dragged me along. A dangerous place both sides of the cordon. Horse and photographer are fine!!

Comments and Impression 2008

Impressive location with extensive vista over the sweeping Cotswold Hills. Easy to find with plenty space for parking i.e. a field. The majority of the fences appeared to be renew and posed a challenge for all riders.

Unfortunately the weather was freezing and wet. Nevertheless this Riding Club team event was impressive to watch with close-ups available at all jumps. Brave riders!!

Special Interest :  Vale of White Horse Riding Club

The two Amanda's riding Bear and Curly persuaded me to come along, as it's further than I usually stray from Billow Farm Livery.  Hopefully the photo's prove it was worth while, especially the final photo of Bear jumping the last and the sense of elation as Amanda B finished the event. Well done to all. The VWH Riding Club team came third.

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