Close Up and Zoomed In

I'm always trying to capture that single image that reflects the character of a horse OR pony. If only they would keep still! The photo's presented here are only a brief selection of my "close up" portfolio, which includes several commissions.

Comments and Impression

The inmates at Billow Farm Livery provide the ideal opportunity experiment with various camera settings and light levels. I have a great range of horses to choose from dinky show ponies through eventers to mega expensive dressage stallions.

Special Interest :  Macro Lens

First stab at using a macro lens and it never ceases to amaze me the quality of the image, especially when viewed at 1:1. Awesome to see your own reflection in their eyes. 

Viewing Photo's

Click on the relevant event hyperlink and a separate window should appear. Simply move your cursor over the large photo and use the white arrows to click through the selection or use your arrow keys. You will need flash player to view the sequence of images. Don't worry it's safe and free from Adobe. You should be prompted if you don't have it installed. The images have been scaled down to a manageable size. If you would like a copy of the higher resolution original drop me an email via the contact link.